Game Rules - Fantasy Tournament


ringit! Pro games are prediction games based on the outcome of live events. Our games have one simple rule, tap a gold ring to make a pick, watch your favorite team live on TV and play along with friends and fans.

When you join a ringit! Pro game, the listed Entry amount will be deducted from your Fund balance and you will be given a stack of ringit! chips to make picks with.

Per Fantasy Sports regulation, tournament participants will need to make picks on 2 separate live matches. If making picks on 2 separate live tournament cannot occur for any reason (ie. rainout, natural disaster, etc.), the game will be cancelled and entry amounts will be refunded.

The game entry will disclose the number of entries available for the game, Guaranteed Prize pool and Payout structure.   Payout from winning a tournament will be added to the Fund balance.

Please note that ringit! mobile app distributors (including Apple® and google®) are not sponsors of or otherwise affiliated with any ringit! game.

Winning a Game

* For winner take all games, whoever has the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

* For Top 30% games, the players with scores in the top 30% of the field of players at the end of the game are winners.

* For Top 50% games, the players with scores in the top 50% of the field of players at the end of the game are winners.

* Other payout distribution model may be available, and will be clearly displayed in the tournament information.


Prize Pool Calculation

The minimum prize pool is disclosed in the game entry prior to entry.

The payout distribution of the prize pool will be different depending on the type of game you are in. Common payout distributions are:

  • Winner takes all where the player with the highest score at the conclusion of the game is the winner of the entire pool.
  • Top 30% rank win prize. 30% of top players will get the prize, and will be distributed as follow:

              - Top rank : 50% of prize pool

              - Next 10% rank : 25% of prize pool, distributed evenly

              - Next 10% rank : 17.5% of prize pool, distributed evenly

              - Next 10% rank : 7.5 % of prize pool, distributed evenly

  • Top 50% where the players with a score in the top 50% of the game field of players at the end of the game is a winner.


Scoring System

All competitors come into the game with an equal stack of ringit! chips. After a player selects any gold ring to make a prediction, they can determine the amount of chips they wish to risk to back their pick. Each pick has its own dynamic multiplier that determines what the pick pays. Multipliers will vary from pick to pick based on the historical frequency of event occurrence. Higher frequency events will have lower multipliers while lower frequency events will have higher multipliers. You can view the potential score box to see how many points you will earn if your pick is successful. Chips are deducted every time you make a pick, whether your pick is successful or not. If a pick is successful, your score will increase.


Play by Play Picks can be made on:


* Run by RB1

* Run by RB2

* Run by QB1

* Sack on QB1


* Pass attempt by any player

* Pass attempt by QB1

* Pass completion by QB1

* Reception by WR1

* Reception by WR2

* Reception by TE1

* Reception by RB1

* Reception by RB2


Drive Result Picks can be made on:


* Touchdown by any player

* Touchdown by QB1

* Touchdown by RB1

* Touchdown by RB2

* Touchdown by WR1

* Touchdown by WR2

* Touchdown by TE1



* Turnover by any player

* QB1 - Interception

* QB1 Fumble

* RB1 Fumble

* RB2 Fumble



* Punt by Punter

* FG made by Kicker

* FG missed by Kicker


Bonus Pick

Bonus pick will be displayed as soon as a user join the game. The bonus pick is a pick from a different live match.  The winner result will be determined on both Main Game Tournament and Bonus Pick.


Play by play resolutions

The result of each play during an active ringit! game is based on official NFL stats. There is one exception, in the case of a challenge, the play resolution is based on the original call.


Game Statistics and Live Scoring

All live statistics during gameplay and other information provided through the ringit! app are unofficial. Live sports statistics displayed in the game and their respective components are offered for informational purposes only and are not used to determine the results of our Games. While iPro and the third parties used to provide the ringit! Services use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information, neither iPro nor its third party stat providers warrant or make any representations of any kind with respect to the information provided through the ringit! app. The official NFL data feed shall govern the resolution of all picks.


Game Results

Game results and prize calculations are based on the final statistics and scoring results at the completion of each professional sports event included in the game. All entries will be settled once iPro receives and confirms the official statistics from the NFL at the completion of the sporting event. In the event that the NFL makes revisions to the data after the official stats have been released, iPro will not honor these revisions and scoring results of a Game will not be changed regardless of any official statistics or scoring adjustments made by the leagues at later times or dates. Note that this is not the same situation as a case where a correction needs to be made after settlement due to a problem with the data feed or the settlement process. In these cases the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and games resettled correctly.


Prize Settlements

We try to settle games and run payments as quickly as possible, but must ensure we do so accurately. Most games are settled shortly after the last live sporting event in the game finishes. However, prior to awarding winners, we have to wait until all the player statistics have been reported by our third party stats provider and cross checked with the official NFL data feed. This lets us ensure that the final statistics and pick resolutions are complete and accurate. Please note there can sometimes be last minute changes. If there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, the game may be settled the following day.